October 19, 2020 – Nine additional “former IC officers who cannot be named publicly” support the letter but will not openly sign their name to the letter

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There are 60 dishonest intel officers who support the Hunter Biden laptop being a Russian disinformation operation.

The bottom of the original signed letter reads:

“In addition, nine additional former IC officers who cannot be named publicly also support the arguments in this letter.”

The House Judiciary and Intelligence Committees have obtained evidence that an active CIA employee may have recruited signatories for a now-infamous letter in which intelligence community veterans falsely categorized the Hunter Biden laptop as Russian disinformation in a bid to swing the 2020 presidential election for Joe Biden.

“The Committees have evidence that an employee affiliated with the CIA may have assisted in obtaining signatories for the statement,” reads a soon-to-be released report from the committees. “One signer of the statement, former CIA analyst David Cariens, disclosed to the Committees that a CIA employee affiliated with the agency’s Prepublication Classification Review Board (‘PCRB’) informed him of the existence of the statement and asked if he would sign it.”

The report further stated that the committees “have requested additional material from the CIA, which has ignored the request to date.”

A CIA spokesperson told Just the News that “[t]he role of CIA’s Pre-Publication Review Board (PCRB) is to review materials submitted by current and former officers to determine if the materials contain any classified information.” (Read more: Just the News, 5/9/2023)  (Archive)