October 07, 2021 – John Durham provides 81k pages of documents to Sussmann

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Techno_Fog continues on his Substack page:

Let’s decipher that last sentence. Who has received a subpoena from Durham?

  1. “Political organizations” likely refer to the DNC and the Hillary Clinton Campaign/Hillary for America.
  2. “A university” = Georgia Tech.
  3. “University Researchers” = the team involved in the Alfa Bank/Trump hoax.
  4. “An investigative firm” = Fusion GPS.
  5. “Numerous companies” = the companies involved with Rodney Joffe (named Tech Executive-1 in the Sussmann indictment).

As we have previously observed, Durham was already in possession of:

  1. E-mail records from Joffe, the research group, and Sussmann/Perkins Coie.
  2. Perkins Coie billing records.
  3. Perkins Coie records (notes, etc.) relating to calls and meetings re: Alfa Bank.
  4. Grand jury testimony.

And that’s just on the Alfa Bank issue. (Durham apparently remains focused on the broader FISA issues as well as other matters.) The filing also notes that Durham is “working expeditiously to declassify large volumes of materials to provide to the defense.” This includes:

But there’s still more. Durham states after the production of these records, “the government expects to produce additional materials in subsequent productions, which will include additional interview memoranda, emails, and other records.”

Why this matters.

We anticipate that Durham is gearing-up to charge the group that created and pushed the Trump/Alfa Bank hoax. This is based on the volume of information Durham possesses on this issue, which reflects substantial expenditures of time and energy and resources to put all this together. In other words, you don’t call the grand jury on this issue – and pursue this matter this far – if the Alfa Bank researchers acted properly. (Read more: Techno_Fog/Substack, 10/20/2021)  (Archive)