October 26, 2023 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. praises and endorses Hillary Clinton in 2000, 2008 and 2016

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. praised Hillary Clinton for her strength and experience to bring the war in Iraq to an end. (Credit: Getty Images)

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who recently announced he was running as an independent after initially running as a Democrat, has a long history of supporting two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, despite campaigning as a voice critical of the Washington, D.C., establishment.

In 2000, Kennedy touted Clinton’s “character” in a campaign ad supporting her campaign for a U.S. Senate seat in New York.

Eight years later, Kennedy reaffirmed his support for Clinton by endorsing her 2008 presidential run.

“Hillary Clinton has the strength and experience to bring the war in Iraq to an end and reverse the potentially devastating effects of global warming,” Kennedy said in a press release.

“I watched proudly as Hillary won over New Yorkers across the state in her race for the Senate seat my father once held. Since then, she’s been re-elected in a landslide victory and proven that she is ready to lead this nation from her first day in office. Hillary will inspire the real change America needs.”

Kennedy stumped for Clinton on the campaign trail in her quest for the White House against eventual President Barack Obama and once Obama had won, Kennedy praised her appointment as Obama’s secretary of state, calling her “great.” (Read more: Fox News, 10/26/2023)  (Archive)