October 27, 2022 – Whitney Webb: The Greatest Epstein Deep Dive Ever (Video)

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

That Alex Jones is a nationally detested villain for getting a story incorrect (despite apologizing and retracting countless times, something I’ve yet to see CNN, MSNB anchors do for Rittenhouse) and yet most people couldn’t have cared less about Epstein – a man who trafficked thousands of children, purportedly helped to found the Clinton Foundation, and was suicided in the most painfully obvious manner possible – says a lot about banal and shallow values of our culture and how easily our attention can be diverted to meaningless noise.

It’s like…

On the one hand, you have something that’s kind of bad. Grieving parents get weird voicemails and messages calling them liars (and in one case the n-word despite being white)… OK sure, that’s bad. Did Alex tell them to do that? No. Did Alex apologize and rescind his theory? Yes. OK great, let’s stop talking about this!

Then on the other hand you have a pedophile with his own island and more powerful connections than you can count – many of those connections holding legal positions of authority over your life including PRESIDENTS. The trafficking alone is infinitely worse than a couple of parents being harassed, not to mention the implications of a compromised government that’s complicit in the trafficking (who are willing to murder to cover their tracks). Can we discuss this rather than demonize the guy who’s been screaming about it since 2008?!?!?

Anyways… God bless Whitney Webb for sticking to true journalism. The entire interview is worth a watch:

(Zero Hedge, 11/3/2022)