October 29, 2020 – GBI Strategies employee who turned in fraudulent Muskegon voter registrations, lists urban cities where the organization operates nationwide

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

(…) In the video below, AG investigator Stephen Morse can be seen interviewing Brianna (we assume Brianna Hawkins) about her role in delivering the fraudulent voter registration forms for GBI Strategies. He began their interview on Oct. 29, 2020, by reading the GBI Strategies employee her rights.

Mr. Morse asked how and when Brianna was hired. She told him she was hired in August 2020. Mr. Morse then asked how she performed her daily duties. Brianna explained that it is very difficult for her to tell if a voter registration is false or not. She is only looking to confirm that the registration forms were properly filled out and if there were any “red flags.”  He also asked her who owned GBI Strategies, to which she complied, “Gary [redacted].” GBI Strategies owner Gary Bell’s name was mentioned several times later in the interview. She also told Mr. Morse that GBI Strategies ONLY works in urban areas, but couldn’t explain why.

In the video below, Brianna explains how their system was far from fool-proof and how the canvasser’s names are attached to the over 1,000 false registrations they turned in, making it easy to identify them. For the record, no arrests have been made related to this massive fraudulent operation:

In our next video clip, AG Investigator Morse explains to Brianna that when Muskegon City Clerk Ann Meisch contacted them, she told them GBI strategies delivered hundreds of fraudulent voter registration applications to her office:

In another clip from the interview, Brianna tells Mr. Morse that she identified at least 1,000 fraudulent voter registration applications found in Muskegon. “And if I found 1,000 false ones in mine, I can only imagine what they [Muskegon Clerk’s office) found in theirs! I can only imagine…” she said.

When Brianna was asked how GBI Strategies owner Gary Bell responded when he was informed of the massive number of fraudulent voter registrations found at the GBI Strategies office that were brought in by his canvassers in Muskegon, he didn’t express any concern and told them “Don’t worry about it,” and assured them “It was okay.”

MI AG Inspector Morse asked Brianna how she came to deliver the thousands of voter registrations directly to the Muskegon city clerk’s office. She told him that it was because they discovered all fraudulent applications were being mailed in from a hotel in Auburn Hills, MI. and she was given a promotion by GBI Strategies to go up there to figure it out.

Brianna appeared shocked that registrations were being mailed from a hotel in Auburn Hills, MI, to clerks’ offices. She told AG Investigator Morse that she was confused about why the group “EM” or Empower Michigan (which we found sharing an address with the MI Democratic Party headquarters in Lansing during a Google search), who was working with GBI Strategies to get new voter registrations, would mail registrations to the clerks “when GBI had an office right there.”


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