September 19, 2023 – Clinton Foundation launches ‘Ukraine Action Network’ and will supposedly focus on humanitarian aid to Ukraine

In Clinton Foundation Timeline, Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) by Katie Weddington

Pope Francis kicks off CGI 2023 conference urging all people to do their part in addressing the worlds problems, especially climate change and care for children. (Credit: Andres Kudacki/AP)

After a six-year break, the Clinton Global Initiative is reconvening in New York this week with a launch Tuesday of a major humanitarian effort in war-torn Ukraine.

The Associated Press reported that the initiative, called the “CGI Ukraine Action Network,” will create and finance commitments to Ukraine from its global partners and new world leaders.

According to the report, the new network is the brainchild of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Ukrainian first lady Olena Zelenska, and will be made up of “numerous monetary commitments” to the country.

“This year’s meeting will focus on what it takes to keep going — to maintain and advance progress, in spite of the difficulties that arise, and increase our capacity to cross the divides and make common cause with one another wherever possible to build a stronger future for all,” the Clintons said in a letter to the CGI community regarding this week’s conference.

In addition to Ukraine, this year’s forum will tackle the issues of climate change, healthcare, income inequality, and food insecurity, as well as “threats to democracy around the world” and record-setting refugee displacement.

“As always, the focus will be on what we can do, not what we can’t,” the letter read. “And will highlight how even seemingly small actions, when taken together, can turn the tide on even our most stubborn challenges.” (Read more: Newsmax, 9/18/2023)  (Archive)