1992 – 1996: Chinagate – Maria Hsia

In Clinton Foundation Timeline by Katie Weddington

Buddhist nun Man-Ho Shih  (Credit: CNN)

After the 1988 election, Al Gore met Maria Hsia who organized a trip for him to Taiwan. She would later help with his campaigns, including the 1996 campaign. According to the Justice Department, Hsia raised $100,000 in illegal contributions for the Clinton-Gore 1996 campaign. Since foreigners could not provide donations to the campaign, she used monks and nuns at the Hsi Lai Temple as straw donors. The donors that were citizens used the monks in order to give beyond their contribution limits. Hsia had strong ties to Huang and Riady. (Read more: The American Spectator, 10/7/2016) (Archive)  (Cspan, 9/4/1997)