April 12, 2017 – A Strzok/Page text reveals approximately when Jeff Sessions assigns John Durham to investigate leaks

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

Thanks to Sidney Powell and the defense team’s latest filing in the Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn case, John Durham and the people working under him are now revealed publicly to be exactly what I claimed they were: Silent professionals embarked on a great leak hunt that led them straight to the biggest national security case ever.

Screenshots of newly disclosed text messages between former FBI personnel Peter Strzok and Lisa Page show them discussing how Durham had been assigned a leak case by then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions in April and by May they are exchanging messages about trying to postpone interviews with Durham.

In the first mention of Durham, Strzok and Page are alarmed that the leak case was not going to be handled ‘in house’ by the FBI’s own National Security Division [NSD] but was instead being assigned to Durham, an outside prosecutor.

In the second mention of Durham, from May of 2017, Strzok and Page are apprehensive about forthcoming interviews, discussing intentions to keep postponing sitting down with the investigator.

Yes, the first batch of Strzok/Page text messages was disclosed back in December of 2017.  The DOJ had in its possession for over 3 years messages that Strzok and Page exchanged about John Durham breathing down their necks in May of 2017.

And it did not leak until the DOJ was damned good and ready to disclose this itself by having US Attorney Jensen give copies of these text messages to Sidney Powell as part of a filing in the Flynn case.” (Read more: UncoverDC, 10/07/2020)  (Archive)