April 2, 2024 – Loren Merchan worked for a “resistance” organization, Revolution Messaging, involved in the Trump Resistance

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

Breaking! Loren Merchan, the daughter of Judge Merchan, worked at an org, Revolution Messaging, that was involved in the Trump Resistance! I even found discussions of a resistance retainer contract! And they had USAID as a client!

Plus I will expose the Democratic Attorneys Generals Association paying for the resistance!

Clipped from the Democratic Attorneys General Association website where Letitia James, Dana Nessel and other Soros-backed AGs are listed.

Prior to Authentic Campaigns, she worked at the far left Revolution Messaging where they also considered themselves resistance contributors.

They also partnered with or worked with some of the bonafide resistance orgs as mentioned in the Momentum Resistance guide where those groups pledged:

“We could take back Congress and our state legislatures. We could block Trump’s agenda, remove him from office, and ignite a progressive revolution.”

The Momentum resistance founders were trained by the Serbian Otpor trainers. Otpor defined is the Resistance.

Here’s a few of the resistance orgs they worked with:

Peoples Action
Working Families Party (Letitia James party)
Our Revolution (Bernie and the squad)

Revolution Messaging is a full-service agency dedicated to authentic digital storytelling for progressive causes. Founded by key members of Obama 2008 and Bernie 2016

Sophie Lasoff, who led the Bernie Victory Captain program, coauthored the Resistance Guide.

Some of the Revolution Messaging clients:

-Bernie campaign
-Organizing for America (Obama)
-Bill and Melinda Gates Fndn
-Movement for Black Lives
-Color of Change
-National Council of LaRaza
-Planned Parenthood
-Plus tons more!

Mike Nellis (Credit: public domain)

Mike Nellis, former vice president of campaigns of Revolution Messaging, founded Authentic Campaigns. Whereas Loren Merchan was also at both.

Revolution Messaging (RM) was founded in 2009 by Scott Goodstein. Goodstein founded the firm shortly after acting as the external online director for President Barack Obama’s, Obama for America. Obama’s Organizing for America was a client of RM.

Scott made history by announcing Joe Biden as running mate via text message with a mobile program he created for Obama.

For Loren Merchans Revolution Messaging’s Bernie Campaign, they raised over $200 million dollars.

Now back to the resistance.

NGP VAN & RevMsg (Revolution Messaging) Unite to Provide Powerful New Advocacy Calling Tool for the Resistance”

“Revolution Messaging’s Revere Calling tool has already generated over 3 million minutes in protest calls since Trump’s inauguration on January 20 for labor organizations and advocacy groups like MoveOn dot org and the ACLU. Revere Calling powers Daily Action, a new service to make phone call activism easier, which quickly attracted more than 250,000 text message subscribers and connected over 600,000 calls to Congress protesting Trump policies and nominees in just three months.”

EveryAction was a partner of Revolution Messaging and is currently working with Authentic Campaigns. Quiller AI is ran by the founder of Authentic Campaigns, Mark Nellis.

“Now Live: Quiller -> NGP VAN + EveryAction Integration!”

This all means that the Democratic Attorneys General Association is paying the Trump resistance. How many other resistance orgs do they pay? Talk about a conflict!

Now these below quotes came from an interesting Trump resistance page that also called it a revolution.

December 18, 2016
To: Revolutionary Resistance Committee (Ethan Allen Division)

From: Arun Chaudhary, Creative Director (Frederick Douglass Division)

(Arun Chaudhary was the first official White House videographer and is a partner at Revolution Messaging.)

Why the Revolution Must Be Televised in Donald Trump’s America

“Stoked to work on the resistance with you all. Hoping we can move to a retainer contract.”

Video : Revolution Messaging Behind the Scenes


-Jill Biden
-Kamala Harris
-Hillary Clinton
-Keith Ellison of Our Revolution
-Plus more

All sources to follow and more additional information.