August 23, 2020 – Joseph Mifsud worked for Saudi prince Nawaf Obaid, who worked for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment and Link Campus Rome

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

Joseph Mifsud was working with Nawaf Obaid. Obaid worked for the Pentagon’s Office of Net Assessment. He also got Mifsud the job working with CNN’s Freedom Project at Link Campus.

If the Senate Intelligence Committee was using open sources why did they leave those facts out?

Nawaf didn’t need to be in the Mueller Report or the Senate Intelligence Committee’s report. But they felt compelled to leave him in. Why?

Because WE know Mifsud’s full profile.
They also drag Gianni Pittella into the frame…why? They can’t exactly leave him out too.

If they add Obaid and Pittella into the report why didn’t they investigate it?

So, they know there is an accurate profile of Mifsud in play. But they don’t want to contradict the USIC.

The Senate Intelligence Report claims Joseph Mifsud and Olga Polonskaya were using intelligence tradecraft.

Mifsud and Putin’s niece both worked at “Hogwart’s for Spies” in Rome. They both worked for LCILP too.

Significance? LCILP directors also teach intelligence.

(Chris Blackburn@CJBdingo25, 8/23/2020)