February 25, 2024 – NYT: CIA built “12 secret spy bases” in Ukraine and waged shadow war with Russia for last decade

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The big topic today will undoubtedly be the new NYT expose:

The Spy War: How the C.I.A. Secretly Helps Ukraine Fight Putin

For more than a decade, the United States has nurtured a secret intelligence partnership with Ukraine that is now critical for both countries in countering Russia.

As is so often the case, the real news isn’t so much the content or substance of the article, as it is the fact that it was published. It can hardly be news to the intelligent public that the American Empire staged a coup in 2014 which overthrew the legitimately elected Ukrainian government and replaced it with a puppet government that could be used to wage war against Russia. Everything that has happened since 2014—and the planning for 2014 to the present undoubtedly began as early as 2008 or earlier with the stated goal of bringing Ukraine into NATO—flows from that. The news is that the Deep State has allowed the NYT to publish these truths.

Sundance is good on this aspect:

Facing Catastrophic Consequences New York Times Now Outlines Construct of Ukraine as USA Proxy Province

Regarding US responsibility for the coup, Sundance is pithy and absolutely irrefutable:

The White House is admitting the CIA and larger IC apparatus, which includes the State Dept., has been heavily controlling all activity in Ukraine for the past decade. The only reason to admit this now very publicly is because they are losing voter support. THIS EXPLAINS WHY BIDEN IS CALLING FOR A WHITE HOUSE MEETING!!

The Times is now reporting the USA (State Dept.) was responsible for the coup in Ukraine (color revolution) and took control over political operations in 2014. We have long suspected this; many have reported exactly this reality; however, this is the first time it has all been admitted.

The report tries to paint various Ukraine officials as the originators of the operation to use Ukraine as the tip of the spear against the Russia construct; however, it doesn’t take a deep weeds walker to realize that part of the narrative is needed to protect the U.S. foreign influence policy from public ridicule.

But Sundance’s key observation, which is already alluded to above, is this:

… the motive for the outline [the NYT article is an outline of CIA involvement in Ukraine, waging war against Russia] is heavily domestic in nature; meaning, the core of domestic USA politics (specifically the White House) needs to admit that Ukraine is a proxy province in order to retrigger support for policy.

What Sundance is telling you is simply this. The Zhou regime realizes that Ukraine’s goose is cooked. The likelihood now is that the Ukrainian military will collapse before the November US elections, and that is a catastrophe that could make a Trump victory inevitable. This realization has forced the Deep State to the ultimate extremity—admitting that, without any vote or authorization that reflects public approval, the American Empire has been waging war, engaging in undoubted acts of war, against the world’s leading nuclear power (the recent US and UK missile test flops have made that status clear). The Deep State has been pushed to this extremity because they have decided that this is the only way to push massive new funding through Congress to keep Ukraine on life support past November, 2024.

Of course, this argument is a Non Sequitur. It boils down to, We’ve come this far; we can’t stop now. The fear is that Trump will win and make the obvious riposte: Oh, yes we can! Sundance isn’t entirely clear on this motivation—he points to the fact that the war is losing public support. That’s true, but I doubt that these revelations—revelations that may even awaken the somnolent American public—are aimed primarily at the public. I suspect they’re aimed mostly at Congress. That argument runs like this: If we don’t fund Ukraine the public will blame you, the members of Congress, for the debacle. You, the members of Congress, can’t afford that just before a presidential election when turnout will be high. This is also why the War-on-Russia-as-domestic-jobs-program is being repeatedly floated in public.

Will this work to stampede Congress? I’m hopeful that it won’t—what’s life without hope? There are, after all, other issues: The borders and the economy. Plus, few members of Congress have much to fear by being pro-peace. Voters will not punish them for that. My guess is that the key losers in Congress, if there are any, would be the Gang of Eight members and the members of the Intel committees. These would be the people who were primarily responsible for funding this ultimate in foreign policy debacles and who sought to impeach a popular president to keep it going.

Of course, this also explains why the Ruling Class is allowing the major states to turn the US legal establishment into a banana republic on steroids. That, too, is necessary to deflect public attention from the real crimes against the country that our rulers have committed:

American democracy won’t survive the anti-Trump witch hunt

Around the world, corrupt political regimes are weaponising the courts to go after political rivals. In one country, a prosecutor is trying to persuade a court to impose a prison sentence of up to hundreds of years on a former national leader on the basis of technicalities about handling official documents. In another lawless, illiberal regime, a partisan prosecutor is using a law intended to prosecute organised crime to destroy a politician of the other party.

In a country in which the rule of law is at risk, a prosecutor and a judge seek the financial ruin of an opposition politician and his family through grotesquely exorbitant penalties for minor business malfeasance. And in a fourth country, election officials of one party have gone so far as to remove a presidential candidate of another party from the ballot.

Pakistan? Nicaragua? Russia? No. All of the examples above actually come from one country: the United States of America. Partisan Democrats have utilised the American judicial system to try to imprison or bankrupt President Joe Biden’s likely Republican contender in the 2024 election, Donald Trump.

For those of us who don’t want to subscribe to the NYT for reasons of principle, Zerohedge provides a nice summary of the article. As we stated at the top, none of this should surprise—much less, shock—you, but it you should read it as a reminder of just how far off the rails the American Experiment has gone:

CIA Built “12 Secret Spy Bases” In Ukraine & Waged Shadow War For Last Decade, Bombshell NYT Report Confirms

Zerohedge breaks the NYT article down into seven main points. The most important, of course, is the confirmation of what we’ve known all along: The US and UK are primarily responsible for the missile and sabotage attacks on Russian territory—acts of war. I provide snippets only:

  1.  Description of secret spy bunker

On one screen, a red line followed the route of an explosive drone threading through Russian air defenses from a point in central Ukraine to a target in the Russian city of Rostov.

There is also one more secret: The base is almost fully financed, and partly equipped, by the CIA.

2.  Elite commando force

Around 2016, the CIA began training an elite Ukrainian commando force …

And the CIA also helped train a new generation of Ukrainian spies who operated inside Russia, across Europe, and in Cuba and other places where the Russians have a large presence.

Does this include training in sabotage and assassinations. You can bet your ass it does.

3.  Ukraine transformed into an “intelligence-gathering hub”

Another Duh! moment. But this paragraph gives the game away, as described by Sundance:

Now these intelligence networks are more important than ever, as Russia is on the offensive and Ukraine is more dependent on sabotage and long-range missile strikes that require spies far behind enemy lines. And they are increasingly at risk: If Republicans in Congress end military funding to Kyiv, the CIA may have to scale back.

4.  Huge NYT admission that Putin was basically right

Hey! Careful with that feather—you might knock me over! Putin speaks truth while our rulers lie—no shit! Here we simply quote Zerohedge, to avoid the BS:

Putin has repeatedly blamed the US-NATO for expanding its military and intelligence infrastructure into Ukraine. Not only had this precisely been going on for the past decade, as is now being admitted, but was presented by the Kremlin as a key cause of the Russian invasion of Feb.24, 2022. Putin and his officials were adamant on the eve of the invasion that NATO was militarizing Ukraine. The Times appears to now fully admit that, yes – this was actually the case:

5.  2014 Coup… and Crimea

One thing led to another. Got it?

6. Operation Goldfish

Money and advanced tech given by the CIA has allowed the Ukrainians to establish eavesdropping operations far beyond what they would otherwise be capable of. All the while, elite commando teams were being trained by the CIA in European cities as part of a program called ‘Operation Goldfish’.

“Commando teams.” That sounds like sabotage and assassination teams to me.

7. A stunning admission: “Tiptoeing Around Trump”

Among the most interesting and curious moments of the NYT report is a description of the CIA program’s expanse under the Trump administration. The report suggests that the true scope may have even been hidden from Trump. The Russian hawks in his administration quietly did the ‘dirty work’, we are told:

The election of Trump in November 2016 put the Ukrainians and their CIA partners on edge.

The report then emphasizes, “But whatever Trump said and did, his administration often went in the other direction. This is because Trump had put Russia hawks in key positions, including Mike Pompeo as CIA director and John Bolton as national security adviser.”

And further, “They visited Kyiv to underline their full support for the secret partnership, which expanded to include more specialized training programs and the building of additional secret bases.” Given the attempt to place Trump in a negative light (he had to be ‘tiptoed around’…), it will be interesting to see how he and his campaign respond to the report. But more consequential will be the reaction of Putin and the Kremlin in the coming days.

Yes, it will be interesting to see how Trump reacts. Also Congress and the American public. This is clearly a desperate moment for the Deep State. That’s the good news amidst otherwise grim reporting. (Mark Wauck/Substack, 2/26/2024)  (Archive)

(Republished with permission.)

An interesting sidenote:

Wow! Adam Entous, the New York Times reporter behind the recent CIA press release on the Ukraine War, fervently promoted the Russia Collusion Hoax.

CIA-MSDNC disinformation.

At the Washington Post, he baselessly slandered Trump, Flynn, Kushner, Prince, and others, fraudulently alleging they were Russian puppets in numerous articles, shamelessly lying to the American people:

“Blackwater founder held secret Seychelles meeting to establish Trump-Putin back channel”

“Russian ambassador told Moscow that Kushner wanted secret communications channel with Kremlin”

“National security adviser Flynn discussed sanctions with Russian ambassador, despite denials, officials say”

“Secret CIA assessment says Russia was trying to help Trump win White House”

“Justice Department warned White House that Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say”

How does one seamlessly transition from promoting the Russia Collusion Hoax to authoring a CIA press release on the Ukraine War?

For the Washington Post and the New York Times?