July 19, 2023 – Joe Rogan discusses the intent behind Epstein’s painting of Bill Clinton in blue dress: “I got you bitch” (video)

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A photo captured from the hallway outside of the room Clinton’s blue dress photo was hanging in Epstein’s home. (Credit: public domain)

Joe Rogan shared his wild theory on late child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and former President Bill Clinton’s relationship during an episode of his podcast shared Tuesday.

Rogan was deep in conversation with comedian Duncan Trussel when he asked, “why do you think Epstein had that giant painting of Bill Clinton in a dress in his foyer?” The painting in question apparently featured the former President posing in a blue dress and red heels while pointing toward the viewer quite provocatively.

“Epstein’s taste in art was not great,” Trussel responded, making a joke but missing the point Rogan was trying to make. “That painting is like, ‘I got you b*tch,” Rogan explained. “That’s what that is. You got a president who was on [Jeffrey Epstein’s private jet] flight logs 26 times with Epstein, and you got that guy in a f*cking dress in your house.”
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This photo was also found in Epstein’s NY home after his death: