June 8, 2023 – Trump is indicted for having the Mar-a-Lago documents – An Analysis by Techno Fog

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations by Katie Weddington

The indictment of Donald Trump has been released. You can view it here.

Waltine Nauta (Credit: public domain)

Trump has been charged with 37 counts relating to the retention of national defense information, conspiracy to obstruct justice, the withholding or concealment of documents and records, a scheme to conceal, and false statements and representations. (There is a 38th count in the indictment relating to his aide, Waltine Nauta.)

Here’s our quick assessment: it’s weaker than we thought.

Factual allegations

There’s a basic assumption – one that very well might be incorrect – underlying Special Counsel Jack Smith’s indictment. It’s that Trump “was not authorized to possess or retain” documents he “caused” to be taken from the White House to Mar-a-Lago in Florida. These boxes were stored at various locations in Mar-a-Lago, including the club’s ballrooms, business center, and storage room. In June of 2021 there were more than 80 boxes of documents stored there that related to Trump’s time in office.

The Special Counsel alleges that these documents included classified documents originated by, or implicating the equities of, numerous intelligence and governmental agencies, including the CIA, Department of Defense, and the National Security Agency.  The Special Counsel further alleges that Trump made disclosures of classified information in private meetings at Mar-a-Lago. One example cited in the indictment was a recorded discussion (allegedly with Mark Meadows and his book writer) relating to a presentation made by Gen. Mark Milley’s plan of attack against Iran.  (Read more: Techno Fog. 6/07/2023)  (Archive)

Trump responds on Truth Social while curiously standing before a historical picture related to the legislation of the Monroe Doctrine in the early 1900s. (Truth Social posts do not open up in Word Press. Also, I found that all YouTube videos of this speech stop playing about halfway through. More censorship by the Deep State.)

(Credit: Truth Social)


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The Trump campaign responds:

The Political Weaponization of the Department of Justice is a Disgrace

“President Donald J. Trump has long been the biggest threat and the top political target for Joe Biden and the corrupt Democrat Party. As President Trump’s dominance grows, the nastier the Deep State attacks become. 

Today’s act of open legal ‘warfare’ by the highly politicized and partisan Department of Injustice, has taken things to a new level, and set a dangerous precedent. By politically weaponizing the DOJ, the Biden administration and their henchmen in the Swamp are now conducting an all-out prosecution of the leader of the current administration’s political opposition. 

This is un-American and wrong. 

President Trump violated no laws and is being held to a different legal standard than other former Presidents and Vice Presidents. We are confident that no matter how crooked the Executive branch has become, the American justice system is resilient and will throw this case out in its entirety. If not, our cherished Constitution is in serious trouble. 

“President Trump will fight this unconstitutional abuse of power until he is ultimately vindicated. He will never stop fighting for the American people, and he will continue to work to restore the greatness of the United States of America.”

Hillary Clinton, the bloated gloater of Twitter, refers to the Trump indictment while also trying to sell hats:

A comment left in her gloating Twitter thread: