March 24, 2024 – Mop-Up Man: Is this former ATF agent running the J6 pipe bomb cover-up?

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We have long maintained that the two smoking guns of the January 6 Fedsurrection are the curious case of Ray Epps, on the one hand, and the RNC/DNC pipe bomb hoax, on the other.

(…) All of this changed when we drew attention to a certain explosive (no pun intended) surveillance video that had quietly and with great reluctance been released by the Capitol Police thanks to the persistent efforts of Thomas Massie, who has valiantly used his Congressional perch to advance our body of research on the January 6 pipe bomb.

(…) When asked about the flagrant and explicable lack of concern in relation to the pipe bomb, a more senior Capitol Police official who spoke for the group offered the following shocking response: the nonchalant response of the Secret Service and Capitol Police to the pipe bomb was deliberately designed so as not to cause panic among the public. Think of that: we’re supposed to believe that Secret Service agents and Capitol Police stood lackadaisically within feet of what could have been a live explosive device and allowed a group of children to walk within feet of said device in order to not cause panic.


As it so happens, Congressman Massie and a number of other Judiciary officials had the opportunity to meet with relevant Capitol Police officials, including at least one Capitol Police officer who was present during the discovery of the DNC bomb depicted in the video above. When asked the obvious and burning question as to why Secret Service officials, as well as the Capitol Police officers on scene, were so utterly unconcerned with the recently discovered bomb just feet within their proximity, the Capitol Police responded that they and the Secret Service officials on scene reacted with such utter indifference in order not to cause panic.

Think about this. The Secret Service was notified of the presence of an explosive device within feet of themselves, the Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, whom they’re supposed to protect, and children and other passersby, and we are supposed to believe that the officials did nothing because they didn’t want to cause panic!

(…) We are now in a position to expose the identity of the most senior Capitol Police official in that meeting and the man who reportedly presented congressional officials and staffers with the absurd excuse that the Capitol Police and Secret Service allowed a group of children to walk in front of the bomb so as not to cause panic—a baffling explanation for such a flagrant breach of protocol as to be unbelievable to the point of offense. That Capitol Police official is Ashan Benedict, currently Assistant Chief of Police of the Capitol Police in charge of Protective and Intelligence Operations. Yes, you read that right. A man who would excuse the flagrant violation of security protocol as depicted in the footage of the DNC bomb discovery is the head of Protective Operations at the Capitol Police. This alone should be sufficient to cause a national scandal, but it gets far worse. Ashan Benedict’s conduct and statements in the meeting described above, together with new (yet entirely overlooked) information that has come out as a result of a recent Judicial Watch FOIA request, lead us to believe with a high degree of conviction that Ashan M. Benedict is one of the key cover-up men of the entire January 6 pipe bomb hoax.

Ashan M. Benedict, Assistant Chief of Police in Charge of Protective and Intelligence Operations, US Capitol Police (Credit: public domain)

Up until this point, Benedict remained, for the most part, an unknown figure to the public. In fact, the only public exposure of Benedict of any note occurred quite recently in the context of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) documents released as a result of Judicial Watch’s FOIA requests. The headline that emerged from this story is the exposure of CIA involvement on January 6As we shall soon see, however, the documents FOIAd by Judicial Watch inadvertently expose information that serves to dramatically reinforce our belief that Benedict is a key coverup man for the January 6 pipe bomb hoax.

The ATF documents obtained by Judicial Watch run 88 pages, which includes a number of screenshots from a text group chat of various ATF officials on January 6 called the “January 7 Intel Chain.” The first thing we notice about the group chat in question is how nearly every single name is redacted—not an uncommon feature, to be sure—in FOIAd documents from three-letter agencies. Ashan Benedict’s name, interestingly, is one of the very few that is not redacted. Note that on January 6, 2021, Benedict was a senior ATF official as the Special Agent in Charge for all of Washington, D.C. (hence his presence in the FOIA documents).

(…) The location of the command center notwithstanding, one of the several damning and unanswered questions pertaining to the discovery of the DNC pipe bomb has always been how quickly it was discovered after the first pipe bomb at the Capitol Hill Club had been discovered. We learn from the surveillance footage of the discovery of the DNC bomb that this took place a mere 15 minutes after the discovery of the first bomb.

(…) So what are the chances that some Nostradamus-like figure working for the Capitol Police or ATF would somehow, after the discovery of the first pipe bomb at the Capitol Hill Club, magically intuit that there must be another bomb at the DNC and go on to discover this DNC bomb (which had been undiscovered for over 17 hours) a mere 15 minutes later?

As it so happens, this very question came up in the closed-door meeting between certain members of Congress, their staff, and Congressional officials (including Benedict as the senior officer) and was posed to one of the Capitol Police officers on the scene when the DNC bomb was discovered—in fact, he’s the partner of the plainclothes Capitol Police Officer who discovered the bomb. The answer Benedict and the Capitol Police officer provided was just as offensively implausible as the claim they didn’t attempt to warn schoolchildren of the bomb in order to avoid panic. The Capitol Police officer who was on the scene at the discovery of the DNC bomb claimed that they were at the location of the first bomb and simply had a hunch there might be something at the DNC, and sure enough, 15 minutes later they found it. Remarkable!

The impossible coincidences and absurd explanations for them don’t stop there, however. Just as the notion that the Capitol Police officers just managed to have a hunch that a second bomb would be at the DNC doesn’t add up, it is equally, if not more puzzling, as to how the same officers in question would have had the clairvoyance to know there wouldn’t be a third bomb. After all, if two bombs are discovered in relatively close proximity to the Capitol and in quick succession, wouldn’t the natural assumption be that there would be a third and possibly additional devices? And yet the same officers with sufficient clairvoyance to think to search for and discover a second bomb at the DNC, and to do so an astonishing 15 minutes after the first bomb was discovered—the same officers with sufficient clairvoyance to somehow know that the DNC bomb posed no threat to themselves or the schoolchildren passing by—are, astonishingly enough, the very same officers with the clairvoyance to know that there would be no third bomb in addition to the RNC and DNC bombs, or at least it was not worth looking at or fretting over.

As it so happens, the Capitol Police officer, whose partner was the plainclothes officer who discovered the DNC bomb and who was also on the scene at the discovery of the bomb, was asked by Congressional officials in this meeting whether they had searched for a third bomb upon discovering the second, and if not, why not? The answer, under the watchful and approving eye of Ashan Benedict (whom we now have revealed to be the senior Capitol Police official at this meeting), answered that they did not think there would be a third bomb and provided no explanation as to why. (Read much more: Revolver, 3/24/2024)  (Archive)