March 24, 2024 – Trump: “Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.”; Carlson: “CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination”: Benz: “Hunter Biden is untouchable, CIA operation in Ukraine”

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

The CIA by any other name… ISIS, Hamas, Helbollah, Antifa, BLM…

“Hillary Clinton created ISIS with Obama.”
– President Trump

“Hunter Biden is untouchable is because his work in Ukraine touched on a very sensitive CIA operation.”
– Mike Benz

“Source says yes, the CIA was involved in JFK’s assassination”
– Tucker Carlson

In addition, Mike also explains how Hunter (and Gavin Newsom) are selling off parts of America to our foreign enemies. Could this be some kind of payoff for Hunter’s high-level national security work?

Honestly, this theory could really explain why there are so many high-level relatives on Burisma’s board and why VP Biden once threatened to withhold a billion dollars from Ukraine unless they dropped their internal investigation. And perhaps the most troubling part is that nobody cared—possibly because our entire intelligence community was in on all of it?

“Mike recently sat down with America’s Voice to break down this theory that Hunter might be an intelligence asset. They discussed the possibility that he was working for the national security state to shift Ukraine’s energy focus away from Russia and towards Europe. It’s a complex theory, but unpacking it sheds new light on the bigger geopolitical moves at play.

(Credit: Revolver News, 6/12/2024)  (Archive)