May 24, 2024 – Marc Elias loses Lawfare challenge in Nevada – Voter ID ballot initiative wins in Nevada Supreme Court

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Democrat gutter lawyer Marc Elias has filed at least two lawsuits to stop Repair The Vote’s attempt to introduce voter ID laws in Nevada.

Marc Elias is best known for his work promoting Hillary Clinton’s fake Russia dossier in 2016 and doing the dirty work for the Democrat machine to make sure there are no voter ID laws.

Marc Elias and the corrupt Democrat party took a huge loss on Friday.

In a unanimous decision, the Nevada Supreme Court on Friday ruled in favor of the voter ID ballot initiative spearheaded by Repair the Vote PAC.

“The initiative, filed in early November, would amend the State Constitution to require that all persons voting in person present an approved photo identification before being provided a ballot. It also requires that voters submitting a mail-in ballot provide additional verification of their identity when completing their mail-in ballot.” – The Nevada Globe reported.

“We are thrilled but not surprised with the Nevada State Supreme Court’s decision,” said David Gibbs, Chairman of Repair the Vote. “This ruling is a triumph for democracy and the rule of law, in the face of desperate efforts by radical opponents of this reform to strip Nevada voters of the opportunity to make their voices heard on this issue. By implementing voter ID requirements, we are taking a crucial step towards safeguarding our elections and restoring public confidence in Nevada’s electoral process.”

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