November 18, 2004 – The Clinton Presidential Library becomes official

In Clinton Foundation Timeline by Katie Weddington

“The Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas will be opened by president Bush on Thursday.

Hillary Clinton will be on Larry King Live tonight, 9 pm ET.

Tomorrow will see the grand opening of the Clinton Presidential Library here in Little Rock. I’m very excited. I don’t like calling it the Clinton Library or the Clinton Museum. It has the sound of history and looking back to it. I prefer the Clinton Center. This sounds like action and looking to the future.

The Clinton Presidential Center doesn’t just review my 8 years in office. The foundation is also involved in trying to bring peace to different parts of the world. It is also involved in battling the scourge of AIDS ravaging the third world. We are working on many projects, which will secure a brighter and more peaceful world in the future. So the Clinton Center is not all about the past.

If you’d like to read more about the Center, under the picture to the right is a link.

I was looking around the Center today. I’m very, very proud of it. If you ever visit Arkansas, make sure you come by. I promise you and your family will have a great time.

You know, every time I walk to the front door, it takes my breath away. The Bill Clinton museum. Amazing. Amazing. A small town kid from Hope, Arkansas now has his own presidential museum. Amazing. Amazing.

I’ve been blessed. I’ve been thinking about a way to repay my debt to all the people, who made this possible. It hit me that the most valuable thing I have to offer is my experience. Now that money concerns and debts have been taken care of, I’m seriously thinking about sharing my experience, my know-how of politics with the next generation of Democrats. How it will take shape I don’t know, but I’m thinking about teaching. But we’ll see.

Tomorrow is a great day. For me and my family. Many people, millions of people all over America made tomorrow possible. This kid from Hope would like to thank all of you. I hope the museum will inspire you or your children or grandchildren to go out there and make your dreams come true. It is possible. You see, it is possible.” (BillClintonDailyDiaryBlog, 11/2004) (Archive)