November 2, 2022 – Biden personal lawyer sends FedEx to Penn Biden Center for boxes of classified docs; The next day, NARA retrieves remaining boxes

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Dana Remus (Credit: Andrew Harnik/AP)

(…) At least 5 White House aides, including former White House Counsel Dana Remus, were involved in Biden’s classified documents scandal.

(…) Joe Biden STOLE highly classified documents from a SCIF while he was a US Senator and Vice President. He had no right to store any classified material at his home or the Penn Biden Center.

Not only did Biden steal SCIF-designated documents and improperly scatter them everywhere, evidence shows he likely used them to provide classified briefings on Ukraine to his son/bagman Hunter Biden.

It also appears Biden is hiding documents from NARA.

According to investigative reporter Paul Sperry, records reveal Joe Biden had his personal lawyer send a FedEx driver to the Penn Biden Center to pick up his boxes of classified White House documents on November 2, 2022 – just ONE DAY BEFORE the National Archives (NARA) arrived to the center to seize the documents.

Did Joe Biden withhold classified documents from the National Archives?

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