November 21, 2023 – Marco Polo releases an FBI pictorial directory of officials involved in the Biden investigations (Updated)

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A sample from the directory that includes a description of  feds who participated in a Biden  investigation. (Credit: Marco Polo)

Marco Polo takes the final clause of the First Amendment more seriously than perhaps any group in America — it is essential that we petition our Government for a redress of grievances. To properly do that, you need to know not only names but also faces, backgrounds, biases, etc of the feds involved. To that end, we present below our second rundown—we published the first directory (of the IRS) 9 weeks ago—of who precisely at the FBI was/is involved in this total fiasco and miscarriage of justice:

These directories should have been made for each agency involved in Crossfire Hurricane fiasco—it is truly lamentable that it was not done.

Next up: The DOJ, the US Attorney’s office in Delaware, followed by the US Attorney’s office in the District of Columbia, & finally the US Attorney’s office in the Central District of California.

[As always, we are attentive to — and abide by — 18 USC § 119.]

–Garrett Ziegler

Marco Polo (EIN: 61-199994) has established a legal defense fund to fight back against the egregious lawfare from Kevin Morris & Joey B’s other proxies, which you can find & patronize here:

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