October 8, 2020 – Federal judge rules whistleblower case against Clinton Foundation can proceed

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Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers: Doyle, Moynihan vs. IRS
In a December 2018 Congressional hearing. (Credit: Fox News)

“A federal judge on Oct. 8 ruled that a whistleblower complaint against the Clinton Foundation can proceed, saying that the IRS “abused its discretion” in attempting to dismiss allegations of wrongdoing by the nonprofit organization.

U.S. Tax Court Judge David Gustafson last week found that the complaint, brought by whistleblowers Lawrence Doyle—a corporate tax compliance expert, and John Moynihan—a former Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) official, “provided ‘specific credible documentation’ supporting their allegations” that the Clinton Foundation potentially evaded paying taxes on millions if not billions of dollars.

The judge struck down the Internal Revenue Service’s (IRS) request for a summary motion. He said that its Whistleblower Office (WBO) was wrong in denying the whistleblowers’ claims based on an email from the agency’s Criminal Investigation (CI) office that said the complaint was closed.

The record “fails to support the WBO’s conclusion that CI had not proceeded with any action based on petitioners’ information. Accordingly, we deny the motion on the grounds that the WBO abused its discretion in reaching its conclusion, because not all of its factual determinations underlying that conclusion are supported by that record,” Gustafson wrote.

Gustafson also said that based on evidence, he had reason to believe that the FBI was involved in an IRS investigation. He cited information contained within IRS records that had until now been kept secret from the public, in which Doyle and Moynihan discuss their contacts with law enforcement officials. (Read more: The Epoch Times, 10/14/2020)  (Archive)