October 8, 2020 – John Durham subpoena’s Dan Jones and other participants in the Alfa Bank hoax

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Daniel J. Jones (Credit: The Guardian)

“Yesterday I ran with the Alfa Bank Redux story. Please follow the link if you need to refresh yourself about that hoax–probably the first part of the Russia Hoax that truly went public during the 2016 election. Dexter Filkins at the New Yorker–one of the original purveyors of the hoax, which was quickly debunked by the FBI–is trying to resurrect the hoax for a very specific reason.

Filkins, in his article, breaks the news that John Durham is taking what looks like a very deep dive into the origins of the Alfa Bank hoax. In doing so Durham has subpoenaed several of the hoaxters before a grand jury. Among those subpoenaed is Daniel Jones. Another participant in the hoax–and possibly one of its originators–was Jake Sullivan, who is currently a top adviser to none other than Joe Biden. Filkins is sounding the alarm about the, um, alarming direction Durham’s investigation has taken–signaled by Durham’s subpoena to Daniel Jones. Here’s how I described Jones’ background yesterday:

(…) There was big money backing Jones and the scorched earth war on Trump.

In other words, Daniel Jones is at the center of the Deep State. Those “7 to 10 wealthy donors located primarily in New York and California” did not give him Jones $50 million on some sort of whim–they were looking for tangible results–along the lines of the removal of Trump from office by hook or by crook. Speculation is that Jones was the connection between the “resistance” operatives within the Intelligence Community and the outside world–the MSM, the Dems in the legislative branch, etc.

The subpoena to Jones is a measure of just how serious Barr and Durham are. They would never have subpoenaed someone so connected unless they were deadly serious and unintimidated by the Left’s hysterical attacks on their investigation. Think about that in the context of what I wrote about Barr’s determination to forge ahead on his efforts to pull the Deep State inside out. Compare that to what SWC [@shipwreckedcrew] has recently written about Jones (Durham’s Investigation Has Taken an Interest A Person Named Daniel Jones — The Implications are Uncertain At This Point):

An investigation of Jones and his organization will certainly lead to exposure of Jones’ communications, and all the financial transactions between Jones and his clients and partners.

THAT could go anywhere — including back to Democrat Senators on the Senate Intelligence Committee.

I would maintain that that is only a small part of what an investigation of Jones could lead to.

Consider this. I simply can’t conceive that Durham is calling Jones before the grand jury on a whim, without having conducted a searching background investigation of everything connected to Jones. If Durham sent Jones a grand jury subpoena to testify before the grand jury, IMO it’s for sure that he has also issued grand jury subpoenas for everything in Jones life that could conceivably be obtained via grand jury subpoenas. That would, as SWC says, focus on communications and finances. Moreover, before quizzing Jones on all that, Durham would have reviewed that mountain of material and followed out all leads that arose from it. And my belief is that Durham would not be calling Jones before the grand jury if he hadn’t already developed bona fide investigative leads that he has followed out. That’s too serious a step to take just to show how thorough an investigator he is.” (Read more: MeaningInHistory.blogspot, 10/09/2020)  (Archive)