June 21, 2024 – AFL Part 2 – New docs from disbanded DHS group reveal the Biden admin views Trump supporters as “domestic terrorism threats”

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Today, America First Legal (AFL) is releasing the second tranche of internal files from the “Homeland Intelligence Experts Group,” obtained exclusively through AFL’s litigation with Ambassador Ric Grenell against the Biden Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This is the second installment of #DeepStateDiaries, a multi-part series of releases including newly obtained documents.

Yesterday, AFL released documents showing how the Deep State’s DHS intel group proposed expanding DHS’s reach into local communities in an “ambiguous” and “non-threatening” way and contemplating ways to get teachers and mothers to report their children.

Today’s installment exposes how the Biden Administration classifies someone as a person likely to commit “domestic violent extremist” attacks, particularly those who support President Trump, are “in the military,” or are “religious.”

Under the Brennan-Clapper committee’s approach to national security, when all else fails, DHS should use being “in the military” or “religious” to profile people and tag them as having  “indicators of extremists and terrorism” as a pretext to allow DHS to spy on them. According to the Group, “we should be more worried about these.”


The group went on to discuss how “most of the Domestic Terrorism threat now comes from supporters of the former president,” i.e., Trump supporters.


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(America First Legal, 6/21/2024)  (Archive)