June 7, 2024 – America First Legal launches 3 investigations into the improper involvement of the Biden DOJ in the Manhattan DA’s prosecution of President Trump

In Email/Dossier/Govt Corruption Investigations, Featured Timeline Entries by Katie Weddington

The number 3 guy at the DOJ, Matthew Colangelo, takes a cut in pay and joins Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s team to prosecute Trump, December 2022. (Credit: DOJ, LinkedIn/Alvin Bragg, Michael B Thomas/Getty Images, Graphic by MEAWorldWide )

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Since the political conviction of President Donald Trump in Manhattan last week, AFL has…

1️⃣Sued the DOJ to compel the immediate release of Matthew Colangelo’s gov’t records discussing President Trump before leaving the government to help orchestrate Alvin Bragg’s political prosecution.

2️⃣Launched 3 investigations into Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s abusive prosecution of President Trump to obtain records such as communications between Bragg’s office with outside groups like the DNC and Biden Campaign, communications with Judge Merchan, and Bragg’s calendar.

3️⃣Launched 3 investigations into the improper involvement of the Biden DOJ in the Manhattan DA’s prosecution of President Trump to obtain communications from top Biden DOJ officials, such as Matthew Colangelo, Matt Klapper, and Marshall Miller.

4️⃣Filed a formal request with the State of New York Ethics Commission for the Unified Court System for the release of Judge Merchan’s financial disclosures.

5️⃣Filed a federal civil rights complaint with the EEOC and state law complaint with the NY Department of Labor against Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s office for alleged racial and sex discrimination in hiring and recruitment.

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LAWFARE: While judges in New York criminal trials are theoretically supposed to be randomly selected, it is statistically improbable (1 in over 15,000) for Acting Justice Juan Merchan to be assigned all three Trump-related trials by chance. In reality, these cases were assigned by Ellen N. Biben, the Administrative Judge of the New York County Supreme Court, Criminal Term. Biben, a lifelong Democrat with a history at Sullivan & Cromwell, has the authority to assign specific cases to judges with specialized experience. Notably, before being appointed as an Acting Justice, Merchan had limited experience, having served less than three years in a Bronx family court. It raises questions about whether his ‘specialized experience’ might be influenced by his daughter’s role as a prominent Democrat fundraiser in New York.